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تم الافتتاح

مطبخ لبناني

Seray Lebanese Restaurant Riyadh Saudi Arabia
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Elevating the traditional to exquisite.

Seray excels at its approach to traditional, authentic Lebanese cuisine, placing the emphasis on the freshest ingredients blended and cooked to perfection. The menu offers a tempting, and wide selection of daily fresh fish, extensive hot and cold mezze, including seafood specialties, succulent grilled meats, and indulgent desserts that can be enjoyed with a vast choice of beverages, as well as shisha.


A fresh sensation.

Seray eloquently blends a passion for traditional Lebanese cuisine with a refined, contemporary ambiance. Seray, meaning palace, is a realm for exceptional experiences, fulfilled by the outstanding combination of delectable menu, sophisticated décor, and exemplary service.

Grilled Lamb Chops Lebanese Restaurant Seray Riyah
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Seray Lebanese Restaurant Riyadh Saudi Arabia

 لوميير سنتر حطين - طريق الأمير تركي الأول - الرياض ١٣٥١٣

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